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Women's Running Shorts with Pockets (for gels, iPhone...) : RaceReady Shorts for Ultramarathon Runners

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RaceReady Active Womens V-Notch Running Shorts with Pockets RaceReady Active Women's V-Notch Shorts

[ RaceReady Active Women's V-Notch Shorts with pockets ]

With 5 patented rear mesh pockets + 2 front pockets. These new stylish V-notch 3" inseam shorts are feature packed!
Colours: Navy/Navy trim, Black/Black trim, Black/Red trim

Our Price: £32.99
RaceReady Active Womens LD Easy Running Shorts with Pockets RaceReady Active Women's LD Easy Shorts

[ RaceReady Active Women's LD Easy Shorts with pockets ]

The Active line continues with these feature packed 4” inseam LD shorts. The large iPhone sized front pockets and our patented back pockets are the best solution on the market today!
Colours: Black/Royal trim, Charcoal/Navy trim, Black/Black trim

Our Price: £32.99
RaceReady Womens LD Compression Running Shorts with Pockets RaceReady Women's LD Compression Shorts

[ RaceReady Women's LD Compression Shorts with pockets ]

Compression shorts for women with five double-mesh pockets across the back for gels, head lamp, phone, hat...
Colours: Black, Navy

Our Price: £31.98
Women's Ultra Running Shorts with Pockets : Women's RaceReady Shorts for Ultramarathon Runners


Do you have any general questions about our women's trail running shorts? Find the answers here! Have a question about women's RaceReady shorts that you don't see here, please Contact Us.

Question 1: Do things bounce around in the back pockets of the running shorts?
Answer: There is minimal bounce because of our running shorts’ patented double-mesh design. Gels and other items hug against you with very little bounce. The pockets are sewn across the entire back of the running shorts. This seam-to-seam design of the pockets is far superior to a simple center back pocket because the larger area around the curves of your body provides a more stable place for gels and other items.

Question 2: How many gels can you carry in running shorts pockets?
Answer: If you truly wanted to, you could comfortably carry up to 14 gels. There are four smaller mesh pockets in the back that could accommodate two gels per pocket. There are also two velcro-closure front pockets which can hold two gels each. Seldom do runners carry 14 gels, but conceivably you could!

RaceReady Shorts with Gels in Pockets

Question 3: Do all of your running shorts have liners and draw cords?
Answer: Yes, all of the shorts have top-quality super comfortable Coolmax liners with the exception of our Compression products (Compression shorts, capris, tights and skirts) which feature a Coolmax lined gusset instead. All of the running shorts and Compression products DO have draw cords. RaceReady uses heavy-duty thick elastic in the waistband of our running shorts to maintain longevity of the shorts. Our liners are guaranteed not to chafe!

Question 4: Can I carry water bottles in the pockets of the running shorts?
Answer: Some of the smaller flasks on the market may work (ex. 4 – 6 ounce bottles). However, the running shorts are primarily designed to carry energy gels, energy bits, inhalers, keys, phones, tissues, meds, sunscreen packets and other small items. There is one wide center back compartment that is perfect for running gloves, sunglasses, a sweat rag, etc. 

Question 5: I have problems with chaffing. Which running shorts do you recommend? 
Answer: If chaffing is a major concern, we recommend you try our fitness shorts (Style #2701, 2701LD for men) (Style #2702, #2702LD for women). RaceReady fitness shorts are made with top-quality stretchable DRYLINE fabric and fit snugly against your legs, which will prevent chaffing. Our fitness shorts are a favorite of many ultra-runners who need a comfortable running short for the mega-miles.

Question 6: I've never worn RaceReady running shorts and I see you offer many styles. Which ones are your most popular? 
Answer: We offer several different styles of running shorts because of people's personal preferences. Some runners are more comfortable with the longer, looser running short, while others prefer a mid-length or the even shorter split-cut version. That being said, it seems the most popular short for men is the "Easy" short, Style #2501 and Style #2501LD. This is the looser fitting running short with a four-inch inseam. The most popular running shorts for women are the V-notch short, Style #2302 and Style #2302LD, which feature a three-inch inseam. Also, the fitness shorts, Style #2702 and #2702LD are quite popular for women.

Question 7: What does LD mean on your running shorts? 
Answer: The LD simply means “long distance”. RaceReady has become the most trusted brand in pocketed shorts. We have expanded our LD (Long Distance) offerings to include several styles and lengths.

Question 7: I'd like to carry my iPhone / smart phone. Can I carry an iPhone in these pocketed women's trail running shorts? 
Answer: Yes! There are two velcro-closure front pockets which can hold an iPhone comfortably.

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