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Designed to move with you. Bring the essentials you need, without feeling it bounce around or slow you down. Whether training or carrying all the required gear for an ultra marathon these hydration packs stretch comfortably around you so you can run normally. The New 2020 model Adv Skin 12 Set and 5 Set packs are now available
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Salomon Hydration Packs for Ultramarathon Runners

The Advanced Skin 5 Set pack uses convenient front hydration flasks that shrink as you drink, and holds essentials for shorter ultra races with less weight and more comfort.

The Advanced Skin 12 Set pack is form fitting, with new front hydration flasks that shrink as you drink, more versatility for carrying accessories, and lighter than ever. Large enough to carry hydration and required equipment for UTMB and other long endurance races.

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