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Ultimate Direction

Ultimate Direction Bottles and Soft Flasks
UD soft flasks conforms to the shape of your body, reducing sloshing, bouncing, and rubbing more info
Ultimate Direction Handhelds
UD handheld soft flasks and bottles minimize weight and maximize comfort more info
Ultimate Direction Hydration Packs and Vests
Including UD Signature Series 5.0 Vests and women's-specific 5.0 Vestas

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Ultimate Direction Waist Hydration Packs and Belts
UD Signature Series 5.0 waist hydration belts and packs

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Ultimate Direction Bladders
2 litre and 1.5 litre bladder reservoirs with high flow bite valves more info


The Jurek Collection is the perfect complement to the incredibly successful Signature Series - the same high-tech materials, same super-clean design, same uber-lightweight and comfort but in a smaller format that is perfect for your everyday run. Scott Jurek personally designed the entire Collection, resulting in design concepts not found in any other running gear.

Jurek FKT Vest
Storage capacity of the Jurek FKT Vest is 11.6 litres compared to 8.5 litres for the SJ Ultra Vest 3.0. Featuring the new FlexForm 600 bottle - ergonomically shaped to fit in your hand and against your body, this pliable plastic bottle has a wide opening for easy refilling of water and energy powder and a soft push/pull bite valve made of silicon. Multiple pouches, zipped pockets and side lat 'dump' pockets provide lots of front / side storage for on-the-go access to water, phone, maps, glasses, food and clothing.

Jurek Endure
Ounce per ounce the jurek endure belt does more than any other waist pack. Scott wanted twin bottles because they balance load, and you can use one for water your sports drink mix. quickly stash windshell, gloves, even hat into stretch mesh pocket innovative bungee system, movable front allows to whip out bar or gel without breaking stride.

Jurek Essential ( Scott Jurek Waist Belt )
The ideal compliment to the Grip, the Jurek Essential belt allows you to efficiently carry - and access - a phone in a pocket, food in a stretch mesh pocket, and your valuables in a secure smaller pocket that can be re–positioned as needed. Uber comfortable and breathable, you won't be able to tell you have it on.
"Hydration products should be at your finger tips when you need them but they should just provide you with the bare essentials and the Jurek Collection from Ultimate Direction really does that.” Scott Jurek


The 20oz / 26oz bottles feature the incredibly innovative Kicker Valve, which is offset for easier drinking, easy grip leak proof sealing cap, and textured finger and thumb grooves. We stock the original Ultimate Direction and Body Bottle soft flasks too.


Handheld water bottles perfect for ultramarathon runners looking to minimize weight and maximize comfort and convenience. Each comes with a small, zippered pocket for keys, credit card or gel, a tension-lock hand strap with reflective tape, and, best of all, are 100% BPA-Free.

The Fastdraw Plus handheld water bottle is ideal when longer runs are in your plan. It comes with a 0.6L / 20 oz. bottle with the fan favorite Kicker Valve Cap. And for you marathoners, the Fastdraw Extreme handheld water bottle comes with the same 0.6L / 20 oz. bottle with Kicker Valve Cap as the Fastdraw Plus, but adds a neoprene insulation band that wraps around the bottle keeping your liquids cold as you pound out the miles. Keeping liquids cold in hot weather (desert/jungle) & hands warm in cold weather.


The UD Signature Series was designed by three of the most successful, most well-known ultra runners in the world. Using power mesh for zero bounce and state-of-the art cuben fiber for its unsurpassed strength to weight ratio, our Signature Series vests integrate load carrying, performance, and comfort into one unified system. With water bottle pockets in the front of the vest for quick and easy access, the Signature Series represents the next generation of ultra running hydration packs for runners.

AK Race Vest ( Anton Krupicka Race Vest )
Designed by Anton Krupicka, the AK Race Vest brings minimalism to the world of hydration. Even though it weighs in at only 6 ounces (10 with bottles), the UD AK Race Vest still has plenty of capacity for food, clothing, and a phone, so you can use this vest for anything from 10 to 100 miles.
"The Race Vest is super light and minimal…but easily carries everything I need.” -Anton Krupicka

SJ Ultra Vest ( Scott Jurek Ultra Vest )
The SJ Ultra Vest is the result of collaboration with Scott Jurek, the world’s most dominant ultra runner. Weighing in at 7.5 ounces (11.5 with bottles) and offering 9.2 L of storage space, the UD SJ Ultra Vest has the best weight-to-capacity ratio of any hydration pack on the market.
"I’ve been using Ultimate Direction packs for years, modifying them to carry bottles in front…the Ultra Vest is the culmination.” - Scott Jurek

PB Adventure Vest ( Peter Bakwin Adventure Vest )
Peter Bakwin wanted a pack that could do anything from running to hiking, climbing to skiing. Featuring 12 L of volume and a variety of features, The UD Adventure Vest allows you to stay hydrated and comfortable on any size adventure from quick outings to all-day expeditions.
"The Adventure Vest is the pack I’ve always wanted but wasn’t available… until now!” - Peter Bakwin

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