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Serving a loyal market of long-distance runners since 1981, UltraRunning magazine has long been established as “the voice of the sport”. Containing comprehensive and informative articles about all aspects of the sport of ultramarathoning, UltraRunning is a must-read for all who participate in the sport.

UltraRunning magazine is an invaluable resource for ultrarunners – experienced, new and aspiring endurance athletes seeking to go beyond the marathon. We provide helpful and entertaining content to ultrarunners, and measure our success by the accomplishments of our readers, and ultimately by the growth of the sport.
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UltraRunning Magazine : October 2016 UltraRunning Magazine : October 2016

[ OCTOBER 2016 ] UltraRunning Magazine
Including: Ultrarunner’s Bra Guide by Sarah Graham, Running 100 Miles or Childbirth? One Woman’s View by Deborah Paquin, Badwater by Cory Reese, Vol State by Gary Cantrell, Downhill Speedwork by Ian Sharman, Gender in Ultrarunning by Ellie Greenwood, Fueling the Vegan Ultrarunner by Sarah Koszyk

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UltraRunning Magazine : September 2016 UltraRunning Magazine : September 2016

[ SEPTEMBER 2016 ] UltraRunning Magazine
Including: 2016 Fall Shoe Review by Brett Rivers and Stephen Wassather, Comfort Shoe Review by Donald Buraglio, Hardrock 100 by Nico Barraza, Cramping Your Style by Matt Laye, Suffering to Become Stronger by Cory Reese, Mohican, Bighorn, Lavaredo Ultra Trail

Our Price: £6.50
UltraRunning Magazine : August 2016 UltraRunning Magazine : August 2016

[ AUGUST 2016 ] UltraRunning Magazine
Including: Gels: A Comprehensive Review by Sarah Koszyk, Beating the Post-Race Blues by Ann Trason, Sleep and the Ultrarunner by Matt Laye, Ultra Grit by Dean Karnazes, Ride the Ultra Tide! by Zach Adams

Our Price: £6.50
UltraRunning Magazine : July 2016 UltraRunning Magazine : July 2016

[ JULY 2016 ] UltraRunning Magazine
Including: Lessons from Your First Ultra by Ian Sharman, Ten Common Nutritional Mistakes by Sarah Koszyk, Foot Strike by Joe Uhan, Running at Altitude by Matt Laye, Think Like a Champion by Travis Macy, Humblebragging 101 by Zach Adams

Our Price: £6.50
UltraRunning Magazine : May/June 2016 UltraRunning Magazine : May/June 2016

[ MAY/JUNE 2016 ] UltraRunning Magazine
Including: Choosing Motivation by Ian Sharman, Learning to Listen by Ellie Greenwood, The View from the Middle of the Pack by Zach Adams, It’s Not All Sweetness and Light by Errol “Rocket” Jones

Our Price: £6.50
UltraRunning Magazine : April 2016 UltraRunning Magazine : April 2016

[ APRIL 2016 ] UltraRunning Magazine
Including: Speed Sessions by Ian Sharman, Arm Swing by Joe Uhan, Heat Stress by Matt Laye, Heat Training Basics by Gary Dudney

Our Price: £6.50
UltraRunning Magazine for Ultramarathon Runners

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