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UltrAspire Soft Flasks and Bottles

We use a BPA -free LDPE for our running bottles, which is preferred over PP for most sport applications because of its hand feel and squeeze-ability. (We know what it’s like to be a fatigued runner in the later stages of a long race trying to squeeze an impossible bottle!) We also use Tritan, when squeeze-ability is not an issue and stability is preferred, and Silicone, both of which, have great taste quality.
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UltrAspire FORMULA 250 Soft Flask ( 250mL/8.5oz ) UltrAspire FORMULA 250 Soft Flask ( 250mL/8.5oz )

[ UltrAspire Soft Flask: Formula 250 ]
Stain resistant, odor-free silicone soft bottle with flip-top cap and high flow - even with thick food mixtures. Ideal for carrying thick energy gels, personalised real food mixtures, hydration drinks or simply water.

Our Price: £12.95
UltrAspire ULTRAFLASK 550 HYBRID ( 550mL/18oz ) Soft Bottle UltrAspire ULTRAFLASK 550 HYBRID Soft Bottle ( 550mL/18oz )

[ UltrAspire Soft Bottle: Ultraflask 550 Hybrid ]
Curved, flexible / super-squeezable, easy stowing bottle that is a hybrid between a soft flask and a structured bottle.
Colours: Green, Blue, Pearl

Our Price: £14.95

UltrAspire Soft Flasks and Bottles for Ultramarathon Runners

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