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UltrAspire Backpacks, Race Vests and Hydration Packs

Comfort, Fit, Function, Freedom of Movement, Ease of Use and Customizable Utility are inter-related attributes of UltrAspire products.
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UltrAspire BASHAM RACE VEST Bottle Hydration Running Vest UltrAspire BASHAM RACE VEST

[ UltrAspire Bottle Hydration Vest: BASHAM RACE VEST ]
Small footprint lightweight racing vest to decrease weight and increase heat dissipation. Volume: 2 litres. Weight: 181 grams. 1x 550mL UltraFlask included. One size.
Colours: Lagoon/Navy, Burgundy/Cherry Tomato

Our Price: £65.00
UltrAspire MOMENTUM 2.0 RACE VEST Bottle Hydration Running Vest UltrAspire MOMENTUM 2.0 RACE VEST

[ UltrAspire Bottle Hydration Vest: MOMENTUM 2.0 RACE VEST ]
Light and fast trail racing vest for those that prefer to access their bottles from the back. Volume: 6 litres. Weight: 227 grams.
Colours: Black/Red

Our Price: £65.00
UltrAspire ALPHA 5.0 Running Hydration Race Pack UltrAspire ALPHA 5.0 Hydration Race Pack

[ UltrAspire Hydration Pack: ALPHA 5.0 ]
With numerous technical updates, this latest version of UltrAspire's best selling hydration pack now has 9 storage pockets that are all accessible on the go, including the rear passage pocket that can be accesssed with either hand whilst on the move. Volume: 6 litres. Weight: 272 grams. 2 litre bladder compatible.
Colours: Blue/Cherry Tomato

Our Price: £90.00

What Makes UltrAspire Backpacks, Hydration Packs, Race Vests Better?

Redesigned basics to really fit the human body—in all its shapes and sizes! The result is Human Contoured Belts, Vests and Packs designed to enhance performance without binding, impeding or inhibiting freedom of movement. The belly is now liberated from a buckle and that extra space used more comfortably, conveniently and effectively.

Proper fit enhances Comfort. Holsters, pockets, and other access points should be positioned correctly no matter the size of the wearer. When practical, pieces have been sized to achieve a second skin, not too tight and not too loose. Balance is maintained for weight distribution. Compressi-flex™ provides just enough give while maintaining gentle, stabilizing, compression without impeding body function, movement or freedom.

Proper fit aids easy usage. Properly positioned holsters, pockets and other stowage is essential for smooth access of utility even from storage located at the back. With properly angled and designed holsters, snap back magnetic closures and other features, one-handed operation is all that’s required. As to adjustments, once it fits, why futz with it again? Adjust Velcro side once, then speed hooks provide for rapid entry and exit.

Ease of Use assists in a high level of functionality particularly when the level of functionality is heightened by well designed features such as the Body Rhythm Harness, Compressiflex attachment points, Polarity System equipped hydration systems, MBS system which includes interchangeable management, speed hooks, and body shaped contoured belts and vests, and even small, bounce-less, noiseless, zipper-pulls that are easy to grab even with tired swollen hands or while wearing gloves.

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