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Originally designed with ultra distance runners in mind, Hoka One One shoes encourage a consistent, efficient and rhythmical foot strike. The unique thick, wide and sculpted midsole design provides high cushioning and shock-absorption, yet remaining lightweight. Models focus on runners with particular demands and differing needs, making Hoka shoes suitable for serious trail runners, elite and casual road runners, and fun hikers alike. Wide fit shoes are available in 2E for mens and D for womens.
  • Mens Running

    Designed for running on pavement, footpaths and road. Ideal for ultra runners looking for a lightweight, stable, high cushioned shoe. 2E wide fit running shoes available.
  • Womens Running

    Women's specific running shoes for pavement, footpaths and the road. Ideal for ladies looking for a lightweight, stable, high cushioned trainer. D wide fit womens shoes available.
  • Mens Trail Running

    Trail and all-terrain shoes designed to keep your feet and legs comfortable on gravel, light trails and mountain trails races of any distance. 2E wide fit trail running shoes available.
  • Womens Trail Running

    Women’s specific trail and all-terrain shoes designed to keep feet, toes and legs comfy on gravel, national trails and mountainous ultra runs. D wide fit womens trail shoes available.
  • Mens Recovery

    Comfort and support for tired legs, feet and sore toes; these running slides and flips help you to recover from ultra events or long training runs.
  • Womens Recovery

    Support and comfort for tired feet, legs and blistered toes; these running flips & slides aid recovery after an ultra race or long training day.

HOKA One One Benefits

Hoka shoes encourage a consistent, efficient and rhythmical foot strike whether an ultra distance athlete, serious trail runner, casual road runner, elite track runner or a fun hiker.

The unique cushioned midsole design; thick, lightweight and wide - boasts comfort, stability and a marshmallow feel underfoot with high shock-absorption.

The sculpted meta-rocker ‘rocking chair’ midsole geometry and incorporated low heel-to-toe drop helps push you forward, by encouraging a smooth roll from impact to toe-off.

The ‘bucket seat’ active foot frame shape places the foot deep inside the midsole providing a cup-like fit, keeping the foot in place for stability and comfort.

HOKA One One Sizing

To determine correct sizing for Hoka shoes, follow the steps below. Note that most runners need a half size bigger than usual for Hoka.

1. Take a sheet of A4 paper, put it on the floor, one side against a wall.
2. Put your longest foot naked onto the paper, with the back of the heel gently touching the wall.
3. With a pen or pencil, mark the paper with a line at the tip of your longest toe.
4. Measure the distance from the edge of the paper (that was touching the wall) to the line you drew (at the end of your longest toe) and note the measurement down in millimetres.
5. Compare the measurement with the first column on the Hoka size chart. If the measurement is inbetween sizes, or exactly the same as a size on the chart, take the next half-size above.

For example, if you measure 262mm, then select size 8.5UK, 9USM, 10USW, 42 2/3 EU

HOKA One One Size Chart
Hoka size chart

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HOKA Technology

Oversized Midsole

Super thick and wide midsole has 2x the volume compared to standard running shoes, made with a lightweight cushioning material. This maximum cushioning provides premium shock absorption and superior comfort.

Meta Rocker

The midsole is designed with a low heel top toe drop height while the outsole has a sculpted shape at the heel and toe ares, creating a rocking chair effect for the foot. The geometry propels you forward by creating a smooth roll from impact to toe-off, which helps to increase running efficiency while encouraging a natural running gait.

Active Foot Frame

The foot sits deep down inside the midsole rather than on top of it, creating a cup-like fit for the feet. This provides inherent stability within the shoe, making it adaptable for all types of runners with their range of foot shapes and running styles without the weight of extra support material.

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What is it like running in Hoka shoes?

Running in Hokas is effortless. Unlike shoes that produce a hard or rigid feeling, Hoka's offer up luxurious softness and a sensation of weightlessness.

Runners of any age and experience level will appreciate the benefits. Whether training for or racing an ultramarathon, the unique design, shape and midsole resiliency of the shoes can softly cushion your stride. New runners will find them comfortable and forgiving, while veteran ultra runners will appreciate the liveliness they put into every footstep.

Hoka trainers are also ideal for running trails with abrupt climbs, steep descents and technical features such as rocks, roots and trail debris. The uniquely designed thick sole transforms downhill running and acts as a buffer against jagged obstacles on the trail.

While traditional low-to-the-ground shoes can be very unstable on rocky trails, Hoka shoes are reliably steady because the additional midsole foam helps to stabilize the foot by allowing the outsole to make secure contact with the ground.
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Hoka One One is a French manufacturing company that designs and markets generously soled running shoes for distance runners. Noted for their light weight and maximal cushioning, Hoka running shoes are dubbed as "maximalist shoes", in contrast to minimalist shoes. The company was founded by Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard, both former Salomon employees, in 2010. The shoes are named after the Maori language phrase meaning "flying over the earth". Hoka was purchased on April 1, 2013 by Deckers Outdoor
HOKA ONE ONE have pioneered a new philosophy in running by merging aspects of minimalism and maximalism. Launched in 2009 HOKA ONE ONE are now the fastest growing running shoe brand in the world. Designed to allow athletes to run faster, safer and farther downhill on the trail and road, their lightweight running shoes have extra thick midsoles that are engineered for maximum cushioning and comfort, while still offering lightweight, nimble performance and uninhibited movement.
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New HOKA Models coming for 2019

Mach 2, Gaviota 2, Challenger ATR 5, Speedgoat Mid WP Trail and the Speedgoat 3 are coming soon.

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