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Your ultra running clothing, gear & equipment store! 24 hour delivery, secure payment, experienced / friendly support team, great products for ultramarathon runners and a complimentary free gift for new customers!

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GU Energy Gels GU Energy Chews
GU gels provides athletes with a shot of 100 calories in the form of a patented carbohydrate blend...

GU Chews are fixed calorie chewable cubes, making it easy to customise and track caloric intake...

GU Electrolyte Tablets
GU Electrolyte Tablets are fortified with a unique blend of electrolytes, making them a better form of hydrating than water alone...

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GU Energy Gels
Energy Gel provides quick energy to athletes while racing and training. GU energy gel provides athletes with a shot of 100 calories in the form of a patented carbohydrate blend (70%-80% maltodextrin and 30-20% fructose) to deliver high-quality, easily-digested and long-lasting energy for athletes in every sport and at all levels. GU also includes electrolytes to ensure proper hydration, an antioxidant blend to stave off muscle tissue damage and an amino acid blend to delay muscle fatigue. GU Roctane Energy Gel contains more of the ingredients that matter during long or intense activity.

GU Energy Chews
Chomps are a chewable version of GU, utilizing GU Energy Gel's carbohydrates, amino acids, antioxidants and electrolytes in a chewable form. They deliver the same high-quality, long lasting energy that endurance runners require. GU Chomps come in chewable, ~22 calorie cubes, making it easy to customise and track caloric and electrolyte intake during long outings and races. Orange flavour is caffeine free whilst Strawberry flavour has 20mg of caeffeine.

GU Electrolyte Tablets
Use portable GU electrolyte tablets to replace essential electrolytes whilst training and racing. Simple, low calorie electrolyte delivery solution. Drop1in - fizz - drink - keep going!

The ULTRAmarathonRunning Store is the GU UK & Ireland supplier/retailer. We also ship internationally, including to the US & Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world. Product pages include links to GU reviews and videos. If you have any question or request on GU products please Contact Us.