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We are a specialist ultra running store based in the UK. Our trail running equipment, clothing, gear and nutrition products are focused precisely on the specific needs and requirements of trail and ultra marathon runners that like to run long.

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We are committed to providing you and all ultra runners with the latest and best ultra running products, at the best value with excellent customer service. We offer 24 hour delivery, secure payment, experienced / friendly support team, great products and a complimentary free gift for new customers.

Our trail running gear and equipment includes ultra marathon backpacks, hydration packs, race vests, waist bags, waist belts, waist hydration packs, handheld bottles, bottles, shorts, running shorts with patented mesh pockets, nutrition and energy gels, electrolyte tablets and gaiters. Our Manufacturers include: Dirty Girl Gaiters, GU, Drymax Socks, Injinji, Nuun, RaceReady, Salomon, Succeed S! Caps, Ultimate Direction, UltraAspire and WAA Ultra Equipment.

We do hope you find the gear you are looking for at our ultra runner store today. Please Contact Us if there is something specific you are looking for.

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